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SP Seva Sansthan Foundation was founded in the year 2014 aiming to achieve great facts a volunteer Organisation. We official registered our organization In February 2021, the primary focus is to alleviate on the problems of the poor and their struggle to obtain a life of justice and dignity focusing on Child Welfare, Women Empowerment & Rural Development. An in-depth understanding of issues in the area and consistent support from community members, have led the organization to undertake and implement various need based interventions on education, health, environment, and Awareness at grass root level..
We do not think that What the Country Has Given Us,
We Think That What the Country Get From Us.
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What we do

Work As a Catalyst In Bringing Sustainable Change In The Live Of Underprivileged Children, Youth And Women, With A Life Cycle Approach Of Development.

Our Work


SP Seva Sansthan Foundation is dedicated to promoting access to quality education for underprivileged children. Through initiatives such as school support, scholarships, and vocational training programs, the foundation aims to empower individuals with knowledge and skills, opening doors to better opportunities and a brighter future.


With a goal to uplift communities, the foundation supports livelihood programs. Skill development initiatives, entrepreneurship support, and microfinance opportunities enable individuals to gain economic independence and improve their quality of life.


The foundation actively works towards environmental conservation and sustainability. Tree-planting campaigns, waste management initiatives, and advocacy for renewable energy sources are some of the activities undertaken to protect the environment and create a greener planet for future generations.


SP Seva Sansthan Foundation recognizes the importance of healthcare access and awareness. The foundation organizes medical camps, outreach programs, and health awareness campaigns to provide healthcare services and educate communities on preventive measures. Mental health initiatives are also a key focus, promoting overall well-being.

Women Empowerment

SP Seva Sansthan Foundation is committed to empowering women and promoting gender equality. The foundation provides educational opportunities, skill training, and support for microenterprises, aiming to enhance women's socio-economic status and their role in decision-making.

Indian Culture

Preserving and promoting Indian culture is an important aspect of the foundation's work. Cultural heritage conservation, traditional arts and crafts promotion, and cultural exchange programs help in fostering a deeper appreciation for Indian traditions and diversity.

Animal Welfare

SP Seva Sansthan Foundation extends its compassion towards animals through various welfare initiatives. Shelter and rescue programs, veterinary care services, and animal rights advocacy work towards ensuring the well-being and protection of animals in need.

Rural Development

The foundation strives for holistic rural development. Infrastructure development, clean water projects, and agriculture and farming support initiatives are implemented to enhance the standard of living in rural areas, fostering sustainable growth and progress.

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“We do not think that what the country has given us,
we think that what the country is getting from us.”

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