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We try to make a significant impact on our surroundings,

Kids Learning Centre

Centre Location Supported By Center Start
Ashapura Society, Jamnagar, Gujarat
Shwas Charitable Trust
April 2021
Shankar Tekari, Jamnagar, Gujarat
April 2022
Deogarh, Rajsamand, Rajasthan
August 2022
Ghodasar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
April 2023
Vatva, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
July 2023
Fatehwadi, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
InfoAnalytica Foundation

Empowering Children For A Brighter Future

The Kids Learning Center project, initiated by SPSS Foundation, began in 2021. It is dedicated to providing quality education to children in slum and rural areas. With a focus on essential subjects such as local language, mathematics, Hindi, and science, we strive to equip children with the necessary skills for their academic and personal growth. Additionally, we offer English and computer learning classes to prepare them for the challenges of the future.

Our Objectives

  • Provide quality education: Our primary objective is to ensure that children in slum and rural areas have access to quality education, empowering them with knowledge and skills that will enable their long-term success.
  • Foster holistic development: Beyond academics, we aim to foster holistic development by encouraging extracurricular activities such as painting, drawing, and sports, allowing children to explore their talents and interests.
  • Personalized attention: Through our mentoring program, we provide individualized attention and academic support to children, helping them overcome learning challenges and excel in their studies.
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Tree Plantation Drive


Under Vraksham is an environmental conservation and tree plantation initiative undertaken by SPSS Foundation. The project aims to promote the importance of trees and their role in mitigating climate change, preserving biodiversity, and enhancing the overall well-being of communities. Through Project Vraksham, the foundation has conducted tree plantation drives in various locations, focusing on areas with low green cover and environmental degradation. The goal is to plant a significant number of trees to improve air quality, provide habitat for wildlife, and create a greener and healthier environment. By actively involving the community in these tree planting activities, Project Vraksham seeks to foster a sense of environmental responsibility and encourage sustainable practices for a better future and Our Target Is Plant 10 Million
Year Drive Name No. of Drives No. of Trees Supported By
SPSS Foundation
SPSS Foundation
Our Target Is Plant 10 Million Trees
~ SPSS Team
Currently At 811 Trees

Distribution Drives

Mission Unnati

In this project Organization organize a different – different distribution drive’s such as (School Uniform, stationery, cloth, food, chocolate, fruit, sports kits and sanitary pads etc.) for underprivileged and trying to make smile on their face, this activate organize in Schools, Rural and Slum area across India with help of organization volunteer’s
Year Drive Name No. of Drives No. of Beneficiary Supported By
Sanitary Pad
Stationary Kits
Food & Snacks
Praveen Lata Sansthan & Hemkunt Foundation
Anybody Can Help Foundation
Praveenlata Sansthan
Sanitary Pads
Stationary Kits
Food & Snacks
Sport Kits
SPSS Foundation & Volunteers
Shwas Charitable Trust, Donate Kart
Total Number Of Beneficiaries – 5019

Educating Peopl

Awareness Program’s

SPSS Foundation organized an awareness program aimed at creating awareness and promoting education on various social issues. The program focused on topics such as health and hygiene, women empowerment, environmental conservation, and community development. Through interactive sessions, workshops, and community outreach initiatives, the program successfully reached out to a wide audience, including rural communities, slum areas, schools, and other marginalized groups. The program aimed to empower individuals with knowledge, skills, and resources to improve their lives and contribute to the betterment of society. By fostering awareness and instilling a sense of responsibility, the program sought to create a positive impact and bring about sustainable change in the communities it served

Total Number Of Beneficiaries – 8510
Year Program Topic No. of Programs No. of Beneficiary Supported By
Menstrual Hygiene
Covid Awareness & Vaccination
Women Empowerment
SPSS Foundation & Volunteers
Indian Constitution
Women Empowerment
Menstrual Hygiene
Career Counselling
SPSS Foundation & Volunteers

(In Medical Emergency)

Free Ambulance Service

Y4D Foundation generously donated an ambulance to us in February 2021 as part of the “Aayushaman Aadhar” project. This life-saving ambulance plays a vital role in strengthening the infrastructure of emergency medical services for underprivileged patients, ensuring timely transportation to hospitals and saving lives in critical moments. The donation has significantly enhanced the accessibility of emergency medical care, providing vital support to those in need. This service has benefited hundreds of lives, addressing critical medical emergencies such as accidents, pregnancies, heart attacks, snake bites, and more

Total Number Of Beneficiaries February 2021 to March 2023 Is - 604

Completed Projects
(Before Registration)

Covid Relief Work

In First Wave :- Covid 19 Relief Work Done

We Provided Dry Ration Kits To 2073 Families
We Provided Hot Meal 6995 Packets To Peoples

We Provided Milk, Fruits etc. 16065 Packets To Children’s

We Provided Face Mask 21000 To Peoples

We Arranged 2 Buses For Migration; One For Mumbai & One For Gujarat And Made 12 Rounds, Allowing 420 People Take Benefits

In Second Wave :- Covid 19 Relief Work Done

We Provided Dry Ration Kits To 2100 Families

We Provided Hot Meal 5000 Packets To Peoples

We Provided Milk, Fruits etc. 3000 Packets To Children’s

We Provided Face Mask 9000 To Peoples
We Provided Sanitary Pads To 780 Needy Women & Girls
We Provided Free Ambulance Service In Rural Area Of Rajasthan

Hunar Se Hunar Tak

In This Project Organization Organize a Skill Development Trainings for Everyone to help them build their skills to get jobs to earn for their living or help them start their own enterpriser land for better jobs, leading to better future Tailoring, Handicraft, Computer Literacy, Computer Accounting, Beauty Parlor Management, Dairy Farming And Agriculture Based Training And Many Other Training where Provide. Train them on Financial Book Management also. It is also Market Exposure & Practical Trainings to Create Entrepreneurs.

Total Number Of Beneficiaries – 1102 


Healthy Child Healthy India (Malnutrition free India)

In this project we have organize awareness program on Malnutrition and distributed ENFAGROW A+ Cans (Nutrition Powder) to Government School & Slum, Rural Area Children’s during the distribution we have followed a following procedure – Nutrition Awareness Program & Special workshop on handling and storage of cans to guardians of respective beneficiaries. 

Total Number Of Beneficiaries – 2856

Completed Projects - After Registration of Organization


Aayushaman Aadhar (Free Health Checkup Camps)

In This Project a free medical camp can be considered as a life-saving program which aims to provide free medical services to poor communities living in urban slums and nearby areas by a mobile team with varieties of medical specialized services. All patients have the moral responsibility and obligation to be treated regardless of their income, race, or social status

The main objective of a medical camp is to provide initial care to people in life-threatening conditions which reflect the unique strengths and goals of medical ethics Other objectives are as stated below        

1. Provide free and high-quality medical services for the poor population
2. Working as an emergency team in
3. Raise health awareness among the community and teach them to deal with communicable and non-communicable
4. Register rare and severe cases and refer them to specialized centers
5. Evaluate the living conditions and determine the obstacles and challenges to work on solving their problems
6. Refer medical cases towards surgeries if required.

1st Phase (2020) of the project 20 Free health checkup camps was organized In 18 District of
2nd Phase (2021) of the project 18 Free health checkup camps was organized In 16 District of
3rd Phase (2022) of the project 06 Free health checkup camps was organized In 6 District of Gujarat
Total Number Of Beneficiaries – 10539

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